dimanche 25 janvier 2009

Saint-Pol-Roux l'Américain

"Camaret sera une ville américaine"
So then, sons of Franklin, you shall have to crush the demon of gun-powder, as was done for him with the lightning !... Straight to the monster of prey, mechanical, and crunching, as the other thunderstrikes !... Down with Hate, so that our human race, uniquely and for ever, shall know the sacred canticles of Love !... Cheer, the bugles of the Entente proclaiming the supreme leap of the Beast, - to thy lasso, cow-boy !... Whoop-ee ! the Yanks, whoop-ee ! Quick, let the rope hiss and coil around the horn, and from the horn around the body !... Whoop-ee ! There breaks out the "hallali" of "hallalis" upwards the azure and frees the world !... O, since at last, for fraternity henceforth, we must kill War for ever, and, since at last sombre and maleficient War lies there on the death-bed, brethren, let us together plunge the knife, for the infeffable awakening of the nations ant the triumph of Light !...
God bless you, my boys !
Orders for "God Bless you, my boys"
to be sent to "La Dépêche de Brest"
Place Président Wilson

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Anonyme a dit…

As an American enthusiast of modern art and culture (I discovered Saint-Pol-Roux via the surrealists), I find this very beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.